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Freldo is you network to find reliable services on a network of the people you trust most!
Share your opinion with your friends and make money

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Freldo is all about trust

Looking for a babysitter to watch the kids while you take your sweetheart out for a romantic anniversary evening? Find the best of the best through reliable recommendations from your network of friends on Freldo.

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Share with your friends and make money

Share your favorites, and Get paid! Every time someone in your network makes a purchase based on your recommendations, receive a thank you for their patronage.

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Find new clients here. More friends more leads.

Have you ever dreamed to be popular? Of course we can’t make you a Hollywood star, but to be Freldo`s star is possible. If you make stunning manicure to one housewife, there is no prize for guessing during Sunday tea-party they will ask where she did it. That’s how you get new clients.